About the Instructor

Mr. Mark Loewen has taught at WJ Mouat Secondary School, in the community of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada since 1991. His tenure as Head of Physical Education at Mouat (2000-2010) saw the department’s elective courses grow from 4 to over 24, as students were drawn to innovative approaches to teaching and learning. He has directed Mouat’s Community Recreation Program since its inception in 2000. The program started with two classes and 50 students total. It is currently five classes strong with over 200 students enrolled.

Mark has a BA in both English and Physical Education, and holds a Professional Teaching Certificate from the BC College of Teachers. He credits his MA in Leadership as providing the foundational skills he needs to make good decisions for kids while adventuring. He is a Wilderness Medical Associates certified Wilderness First-aid Practitioner, a Rescue Canada certified River Guide, and holds many other Certs, covering a wide range of outdoor pursuits.

Mark and the program have been featured many times by the local news media. You can access some of those stories below.

Backpacks for Notebooks (Abby Times June 12 2007)

The Good Ones Deserve Our Thanks (Abby Times June 2008)

Having a Wild Time (Abby News May 2009)

In 2008 the program ran the Great Mouat Adventure Race, which challenged groups of students to complete a course filled with trail running, mt biking, orienteering, kayaking, swimming, and snowshoeing.

The Great Race Abby Times April 29, 2008

In 2009, the Great Mouat Adventure Race morphed into the Three Alarm Adventure Race. In partnership with the Abbotsford Firefighters Burn Fund and local adventure based businesses, the original concept was expanded and opened up to the public.

Three Alarm 2009: A Real Adventure (Abby News April 2009)

Three Alarm 2009: Race Takes Over Abby (Abby News May 8 2009)

Mark resides in Abbotsford with his wife Hayley, his daughter Willow, and his sons Pace and Zak. Besides his love of learning, he enjoys whitewater kayaking and colouring outside the lines. And pizza.

You can reach Mark at Mark_Loewen@sd34.bc.ca or 604-853-7191-4154