After-School Paintball 2019-1

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***This trip is available for Mouat students and International students***

Starting time: Tuesday November 5, 2019           2:00pm 

Ending time:  Tuesday November 5, 2019           5:00pm      

Description: It’s off to Millionaire Paintball Games where we’ll participate in a number of games combining elements of orienteering and trail-running with all of your favourite PAINTBALL Games.

Cost: $30

This includes entry to the field, your gun rental, and your first 100 paintballs. Extra paint is $8.00 per 100 paintballs. Depending on how you play, 100 may be enough, but I’d recommend bringing at least another $8.00 to be safe.

Gear: You’ll need clothes that you can get dirty, and depending on the weather, warm clothes and a rain jacket. You might want to bring a change of clothes along to put on afterwards.

Class time missed: 1/2 Block A

Adventure Hours: 5 hours

School Pick Up Schedule:

Mouat 2:00pm

Robert Bateman 2:15pm

Abby Senior 2:30pm

Rick Hansen 2:45pm

***All students to be picked up from Mouat at 5:00pm***

Sign Up Deadline for Canadian Students: Friday November 1

Payment Deadline for Canadian Students: Monday November 4

Sign Up Deadline for International Students: Tuesday October 29

Payment Deadline for International Students: Friday November 1

Canadian Students permission form:   After-School Paintball

International Students permission form: Adventure Outings Consent Form

Mandatory waiver form for International Students: Paintball Waiver

Interested in this trip? Sign up here: After-School Paintball Sign Up