Extreme Outdoor Education 10-12

The course is made up of two components:

  1. Safety and Preparation: Mini-projects in our four main adventure areas.
  2. Adventure Outings: Preparing for, going on, and blogging them.

So what do you do?

  1. Attend afternoon skill sessions when requested to complete the safety and preparation mini-projects.
  2. Go on adventure outings and have fun. Read below to find out how.

Steps to Successful Adventure Outings

  1. Check the Trip Calendar and decide which trips you want to go on.
  2. Follow instructions and guidelines from the mini-projects and prepare for the trip.
  3. Go on the trip.
  4. Complete a 100 word blog on the trip. Click here for guidelines.
  5. Post pictures that you took during the trip on the Extreme Outdoor Education website using trip pictures.
  6. Relax knowing you’ve taken advantage of the greatest educational opportunity that’s ever been presented to you.

There are some challenges to this course.


    1. Ensure that you join the google classroom for this course and check regularly for updates. I will post information regarding upcoming trips, scheduled dates for mini-project completion, and any other important items regarding the course. Please feel free to use the feed to ask questions or keep in contact regarding your coursework.
    2. Check out this website. Often. Then again.
    3. Come see me in person in the main PE office, email me, or post a question on the google classroom.


You are busy. I know this. Carving time in your school/work/personal time/xbox live/snapchat schedule to go on outdoor trips can seem like a challenge at times. Trust me on something-you will never regret it. Not once will you be at home and say doggone it…I shouldn’t have hiked to the top of that mountain…I should have stayed home and gone on Instagram all weekend like I usually do.

If you like, click on the blogs tab to see what students have to say about their experiences.

If you have time Meet the Instructor  here.

You can email Mr. Rahe at jon.rahe@abbyschools.ca

Extreme Outdoor Education is an extended day class for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking for timetable flexibility and a greater challenge than provided by regular physical education courses. The course itself is available free of charge to any grade 10, 11, or 12 student. Students complete mini-projects in preparation and safety in each of the four major adventure areas: rock, snow, river, trek. On-line Blogs will be entered for each adventure outing completed to get credit. Students can successfully complete the course by completing the safety and preparation mini-projects, and completing the major assignment in each adventure area. Alternatively, students can demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes by successfully planning for and completing various optional enrichment activities. These include over 30 adventure outings each year, including those that meet their interests and schedule. Activities will include indoor and outdoor rock climbing, paintballing, camping, caving, white water rafting and kayaking, hiking, multi-night backpacking trips, skiing and snowboarding trips, and much more. Students must accumulate a total of 100 adventure points over the course of the school year. Each year nearly 500 adventure points are available to choose from. Course meetings will be on-line, where students will access outing schedules, permission forms, and preparation guides.

Outdoor Adventure Areas

  • TREK: Backpacking and Hiking
    • Highlight: a three day/two night backpacking trip to Garibaldi Lake and the Black Tusk Peak in Garibaldi Provincial Park.
  • RIVER: River Rafting/Kayaking
    • Highlight: an overnight camp-out, river swim, caving, and a river run down the Chilliwack River in a raft or inflatable kayak (water levels depending).
  • SNOW: Snowboarding/Skiing
    • Highlight: up to six day trips to Sasquatch Mountain for snowboarding and skiing.
  • ROCK: Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing
    • Highlight: indoor climbing at Project Climbing Center, and outdoor climbing on the Sumas Bluff and Hatzic
  • Paint: Adventure Sports Games with a Paintball Gun
    • Highlight: four day trips to Millionaire Paintball in Abbotsford.


For each outdoor adventure area, students will complete the following activities.

  • On-line Learning Module/Safety and Preparation Mini-Projects: Includes “how-to-do” theory, safety, ethics, and leadership components. All mini projects must be complete by year end, and the appropriate project must be completed before going on an adventure outing.
    • 20% of mark.
  • Field Experience: Throughout the school year, students will be asked to participate in outdoor adventure outings where they will put their learning in the area to a practical test. Over the course of the school year students must earn 100 adventure points to meet this field experience requirement.
    • 60% of mark.
  • Blog: At the conclusion of each field experience, students will make a formatted blog reflecting on personal and practical growth achieved during that trip. Blogs to be published on the website.
    • 20% of mark.
  • Major Assignment: If field experiences are not options, with instructor approval, for each adventure area a major assignment requiring demonstration of an understanding and application of that area’s learning outcomes can be completed.
    • 80% of mark.

Important Information 

  • Parent Permission
    • Each adventure outing requires written parent permission using the appropriate parent permission form found on the specific trip on the website. All participants must have this submitted to the instructor in order to participate. No exceptions!!!
  • Fees
    • The course itself is available free of charge. The cost of each adventure outing, however, is the responsibility of the student. The cost of each adventure outing varies greatly, and must be covered by the student before departure. Because of our partnerships with adventure service providers, our students are able to access activities at a far lower cost than the general public.
    • Example: Transportation, Lift Ticket, Snowboard/Boot Rental, Lesson at Sasquatch

Regular Public Price:    $110.00

Extreme Outdoor Education Price: $85.00

  • Note: All learning outcomes for each unit can also be met via on-line major assignments which have no cost.
  • Deadlines
    • Submitting permission forms and money and forms by the appropriate deadline ensures your spot on an outing. Late forms/fees means risking the trip filling up and you being unable to take part.
  • Contacting the Course Instructor
    • The course instructor’s name is Jon Rahe. You can contact me at jon.rahe@abbyschools.ca , 604-853-7191 (4233). I also teach on-site at WJ Mouat Secondary School, where I can usually be found in the main PE office.