Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sign up with my friends?

Yes! In fact, the students that have the best experience in this class are those who get a small group of friends in the course and work together to support each other throughout the year.

  •  How much does it cost?

The course itself is available free of charge to any WJ Mouat student. The cost of each adventure outing, however, is the responsibility of the student. The cost of each adventure outing varies greatly, and should be covered by the student before departure. Because of our partnerships with adventure service providers,  extreme outdoor education students are able to access activities at a far lower cost than the general public.

Example: Transportation, Lift Ticket, Snowboard/Boot Rental, Lesson at Sasquatch Mountain

Regular Public Price:    $150.00

Extreme Outdoor Education Student Price:          $85.00

Note: Each unit also has a fee-free option, allowing all learning outcomes to be met via an on-line trip simulation.

  • Can anyone take it?

Any Mouat student in grade 10, 11, or 12 is eligible for this course. Students should be willing to be calculated risk takers to get the most out of this course.

  • Do I need to be really athletic?

No! In fact, the beauty of this course is that because most students have little to no experience in the activities, it is often the less naturally athletic folks who excel more quickly, because they have not learned to rely on their strength/speed/etc for success.

  • Isn’t this stuff dangerous?

No. Naturally there is some element of risk involved in any adventure activity, otherwise it wouldn’t be so exciting. The perception of danger, however, is much greater than the actual risk that exists to students. And that risk is carefully managed by Mr. Rahe, his team of experienced and qualified leaders, and the adventure service providers that are contracted for the different outings. Statistically speaking, students are far safer on the rock or river, than they are on bus on their way to the rock or river. The Extreme Outdoor Education program has taken hundreds of students on hundreds of hours of adventure each year without ever experiencing a significant safety or injury incident.

  • Do I need to have a computer?

You need to have access to an internet connected computer…whether at home or at the school you attend daily. You will use it to access course information, adventure outing schedules, and learning modules, as well as to submit assignments and communicate with the course instructor.

  • Do I actually receive course credit for this class?

Yes. 4 high school credits at the level (11 or 12) you sign up for. This course also provides evidence for the portfolio areas of: Personal Health, Employability Skills, Community involvement and Responsibility, Education and Career Planning.

  • Do I need a bunch of special equipment or gear?

A bunch? No. Most specialized outings (ie. River lifejackets, wetsuits, etc.) will see the adventure service provider providing our class with the safety gear needed. In cases where other gear is needed (ie. tents, backpacks, etc) that you may not have, there is program gear to be signed out for trips.

  • What do I need to do to go on an adventure outing?

Get on-line. Check the calendar to find the adventure you want. Complete the appropriate learning module. Submit the safety assignment and all necessary consent forms and fees. Go on the outing. Submit a blog afterwards highlighting your trip learning and experience, and post pictures on the website.

  • What if all I want to do is snowboard?

          No problem. There is flexibility within the course to allow you to pursue the outdoor pursuits that most interest you. Please touch base with the instructor to arrange a modified program of study.

  • Can I count adventure time with my family or friends for credit?

          Definitely maybe. It depends on the nature of the adventure being planned, and must be approved in advance by the instructor along with written parent approval.