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Community Recreation 9 (PHE9) Earn your PHE Credit here!

Community Recreation 10 (PHE10) Earn your PHE Credit here!

Community Recreation 11 (YPR 11)

Community Recreation 12 (YPR 12)

Co-ed course. Tired of the same traditional PE activities? Looking for a little more adventure from your PE class? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the great outdoors, or see what leisure opportunities our city has to offer? This is your chance! This course will allow you to earn your PHE 9 credit through this course which supplements the traditional PE curriculum by giving students an opportunity to experience leisure and adventure activities as part of this course.

In the past, students have gone bowling, golfing, mini-golfing, curling, and experienced racquetball, tennis, batting cages, and judo.

In addition, students will be given the opportunity to go on many full day adventure outings offered as curricular enhancements. These opportunities will include hiking, backpacking, river rafting, camping, snowboarding/skiing, paintballing, rockclimbing, mountain biking, and many more. Participation in the adventure outings is not mandatory but why wouldn’t you want to?!?!

Participation in these curricular enhancements activities are not mandatory, and therefore participation will not affect a student’s grade. There is no course fee for this class. However, all expenses associated with the adventure and leisure enhancement opportunities will need to be covered by the student.