Skiing/Snowboarding 1-Manning Park

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Starting time: Wednesday December 14           7:00am @ Mouat

Ending time:  Wednesday December 14           5:30pm @ Mouat

Description: The WJ Mouat Outdoor Education Program is pleased to announce that we are once again partnering with Sasquatch (Hemlock) Mountain to provide our students with affordable, risk reduced, and local snow adventures. Lesson costs are included in the discounted school rate and there is no separate price for those who choose not to participate in lessons. All students are recommended to participate in lessons, but those students who have skied/snowboarded less than five days are required to take one.

Students not signed up for a lesson will be screened by Mouat leaders.

Students must demonstrate a smooth, easy linking of turns and the ability to stop on command. If they cannot demonstrate this, they will be given additional coaching until they demonstrate proficiency, be placed in a lesson at their own cost, or be limited to the beginner chair for the day.

Cost: Various options available. Please refer to the google sign up form for pricing options.

***Students will need to bring a lunch or have lunch money along. A typical meal at the lodge costs approximately $15.00. Please go through the package carefully and make sure all info is correct. If your child would like to attend but money is an issue, please have them speak to me one on one, or email me to make an arrangement. My goal is to see every single Outdoor Education student get at least one day on the mountain.

Gear: While students have the option of renting whatever gear they may need, they need to be prepared for winter alpine weather with a pair of snow pants and jacket, gloves, toque, etc. Please check the snow report on the mountain website to make sure your child is properly equipped for the day. All students must wear an approved helmet while skiing/snowboarding (rentals are available at the resort).

Class time missed: Full Day

Adventure Points: 10 points

Safety Information: Snow Safety

Trip Information: Manning Park Mountain Trip Information

Sign Up Deadline: Wednesday December 7

Payment Deadline: Friday December 9


Step 1: Interested in this trip? Sign up here: Skiing/Snowboarding Sign Up

Step 2: Sasquatch Mountain Sign up: ***Must be completed by a parent or guardian***

a. Go to

b. Username: Sasquatchreg Password: mouat101

c. Follow the prompts and complete all registration requirements

Step 3: Required Forms

Permission forms and payment link will be forwarded to trip participants on Wednesday December 7th