Skills Night

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Starting time: Friday October 14, 2022                       1:00pm 

Ending time:   Saturday October 15, 2022                  12:00pm

Includes cooking, tent smarts, backpack packing and more!      

Description: We’re going to spend the night along the Chilliwack River.  While we’re doing this we’ll cook and get backcountry cooking lessons, figure out how to set up tents, pack packs, and gain other valuable backcountry skills that we’ll put into practice later in the course.

Cost: $20

***Note*** This fee covers admission, transportation, miscellaneous equipment, and student hardship.

Gear: A sleeping bag. That’s it…and probably some food. Actually you’re probably going to need much more than that but the challenge will be for you to figure that part out on your own! Please review the gear questions listed on the Skills Night Sign Up sheet and ensure you either bring that gear, or sign out some from Mr. Rahe for the trip. Happy packing!

Class time missed: 1 block

Adventure Points: 24

Sign Up Deadline: Wednesday October 12

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