Wildplay High Ropes Course

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***This trip is available for Mouat students and International students***

Starting time: Monday May 6, 2019           9:30am 

Ending time:   Monday May 6, 2019           2:15pm      

Description: New to the Mouat Comm Rec calendar this year is this trip to Wildplay in Maple Ridge. On this trip students will challenge their climbing skills as they maneuver through a high ropes course, testing not only their physical abilities, but also their bravery. Students will be wearing a harness and tethered to a safety line at all times as they navigate the course.

Cost: $35

Gear: You’ll need clothes that you can get dirty, and depending on the weather, warm clothes and a rain jacket. You might want to bring a change of clothes along to put on afterwards. You will also need to bring food as we will be eating lunch at Wildplay.

Class time missed: Blocks B, C, D

Adventure Hours: 6 hours

Sign Up Deadline for Canadian Students: Wednesday May 1

Payment Deadline for Canadian Students: Friday May 3

Sign Up and Payment Deadline for International Students: Wednesday May 1

*All students must complete the permission form, the online waiver, and google form sign up.

Canadian Students permission form:   Wildplay High Ropes Permission Form

International Students permission form: Adventure Outings Consent Form

                                             Wildplay Online Waiver

Interested in this trip? Sign up here: Wildplay High Ropes Sign Up