Sumas Mountain Hike to Chadsey Lake May 26, 2016

What a great great day.  There was a lot of different abilities on the trail and I want to say I’m proud of each and every one of you for what you were able to accomplish!!! Great Pics Ryan!13239298_1733332190285377_8120291843926773528_n 13244815_1733332273618702_765567862587598948_n 13254567_1733332186952044_509700868992283479_n


9 thoughts on “Sumas Mountain Hike to Chadsey Lake May 26, 2016

  1. Ade Larsen

    On May 27th I went on a hike up to Chadsey lake with my classmates. It was a lot of fun, it wasn’t too long or too short, it also wasn’t difficult at all. One thing I do wish, is that we could have stayed at the lake for maybe a bit longer, or I wish it was not raining, because we could have went swimming then. One thing I learned, was no matter how nonathletic/out of shape I think I am, I actually am quite in shape. Next time, I would pack more food. Like sandwiches, or fruit. All in all, it was a very good trip.

  2. Colton Booth

    One unique thing I learned was that dogs like to immobilise people with sticks in their mouths(Thanks Cairo)! Something that I did learn about myself is that I am very fit and that I have a quite a bit of stamina. A thing that I wished that had gone differently was the weather. It rained too much for my liking, even though I am from Abbotsford. I would prepare myself better by bringing much more food, and bringing much warmer clothes. I would also bring rain resistant clothing so that I would not be cold and wet during the hike.

  3. Kodi Pow

    I learned that i have the ability to walk for a very long time and that the top of the mountain is beautiful. Also I learned that dogs can take you out your angles with a stick and their speed
    I learned that I should enjoy the little things in life and that i should go out and explore more often.
    I wish that the pathway would be wider so Cairo wouldn’t take out my legs and also that there would be hot springs at the top.
    I should have brought better shoes so that way i could climb the stepper area where i slipped.

  4. Ryan Esau

    This hiking trip was amazing! Once again nothing bad to say about this trip. Me and a couple of other friends had a blast spending time together and relaxing up at the lake. Mr. Lowen’s dog Kyro was so fun to be around. We picked up a bunch of sticks and within seconds Kyro would grab it from his mouth. I dont know what that dog would not do to get a stick. Once we got to the lake after about a 2 hour hike we got to eat lunch and sit around. Unfortunitly it wasnt a sunny day so we did not go swimming but kyro sure did.

  5. Aidan Buckmaster

    What did you learn?
    I learnt that dogs are fun to have around. I also learnt that salmon berries taste good when you are hungry.
    What did you learn about yourself?
    I learnt that I am in good shape and that hiking is pretty fun(for the most part). Also that I like the woods a lot.
    What do you wish had gone differently?
    I wish that it didn’t rain as much and that is was a bit nicer out side.
    How would you prepare for the adventure differently next time?
    I would have brought a toque to wear cause my head was cold.

  6. Arun Bhangu

    What did you learn?
    I learned that dogs and that some dogs likes sticks. I also learned that mountains are fun to climb when there is a dog involved

    What did you learn about yourself?
    well, I learned that I have good stamina and that I belong in the outdoors with nature.

    What do you wish had gone differently?
    Something that I had wished that went different is that it did not rain at the end.

    How would you prepare for the adventure differently next time?
    well, I should have brought some more food and that I should have worn different shoes.

  7. Eden

    This hike I participated in on May 19th was so fun. The nature was very pretty. All in all it was a good time with good people. I’d definitely do it again but I would probably pack more water and food, such as fruit and granola bars. The 2 hour hike up was very very worth the astonishing view at the top. I wish we went when it was hotter because then we would’ve been able to swim. I also wish we would’ve been able to stay at the top longer because I really enjoyed peacefully sitting and taking in the view with all my classmates.

  8. Mani Bajwa

    The Sumas hike was very incredible and also extremely tiring. I enjoyed missing school and the views (drake pun BAHAHA) from the mountain top. I have done the hike two years in a row and this time i was well prepared for the weather. I look forward to one more successful hike next year. I really would love to swim in the lake next time i go. I totally recommend going on this hike with friends and family it really feels great to get away from the technology and such. To be honest Mr. Loewen provides such amazing opportunities for Mouat students 

  9. Leonie Kania

    The trip was a nice, relaxed one and it was great to have a day off school and enjoy nature instead. It wasn’t a hard hike, it was just a nice experience being in the outdoors, although the weather wan’t too nice. But I kind of liked that, because the view of all the fog in the forest and over the lake was magnificent. I highly enjoyed that trip and even got to know something new: Salmon berries, which I really liked!

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