Skiing/Snowboarding #3-Sasquatch January 15, 2021

The largest contingent of Mouat students in Mr. Rahe’s tenure as Outdoor Education teacher signed up for this trip to Sasquatch. While every day on the mountain is good, not all are created equal. Such was the case with this trip which saw decent snow conditions and beautiful weather. The experience of the attendees ranged from brand new to quite advanced, and the day saw everyone find a challenge for themselves on the mountain. Highlights included Jada “kamikaze” Lobban bombing down the slopes, Tyler “air mail” Renzmann clearing the box, and a beautiful sunset which ushered the way for a little night skiing before the bus pick up. Even Mr. Rahe got a quick tutorial in snowboarding proving that you’re never too old to learn something new! Everyone left with smiles from another gorgeous day on the mountain. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


50 thoughts on “Skiing/Snowboarding #3-Sasquatch January 15, 2021

  1. Sienna

    This day was my very first day on a board in the snow and it was very scary but fun at the same time. At the beginning I had struggled a lot at to even get up standing without falling back again. As the day went on I started to get more used to getting up and going down the hill using multiple techniques that were taught on the bunny hill. I found that on the hill the partner idea wasn’t that great because others would just leave one another behind. Towards the end of the day I was 3/5 doing down the mountain without falling so I was very proud of myself of how much I had improved since the morning and will definitely go again soon before we go as a class again! Definitely recommend going with friends. Had a lot of laughs with them from falling.

  2. Jaeya

    I really enjoyed this ski trip. I got to take part of the junior ski instructor program and I learned a lot about teaching other people how to ski and how difficult it can be. I had a lot of fun skiing with my friends even though there wasn’t a lot of powder. I haven’t been to sasquatch in a few years and I really liked that one ski lift that was very easy to get onto compared to the other one which I almost fell off of a few times. Overall the trip was really fun and I had a great time. I am excited to go on the next one and learn more.

  3. Alex Kemp

    This was my first time snowboarding. The day started with me getting my rental snowboard, the snowboard was yellow and that for some reason gave me extra confidence. I slid around a bit before the lesions started. The lesions at the start were just about moving with one foot on the snowboard and after that, it was 80% boot scooting because I could not get up on my heels due to my crippling height, one of the instructors said when he started snowboarding he just got up on his toes and turned around for the first week so I just started doing that. My other friend already knew how to snowboard and taught me a lot. I got better by the end of the day and started to fix the problem I had where I would catch my edge going from heel to toe. By the end of the day, I was tired and over the weekend I was super sore. I loved snowboarding and can’t wait to go again and learn more.

  4. Shae thomas

    On this trip we drove up the mountain to go snowboarding and it was my first time ever snowboarding so I was very nervous going into it but I wanted to try something new. I learnt how to put on all the gear and how to use the bindings on a snowboard. I learnt which foot is my dominant foot and how to get around with one foot strapped in. After that we went right up the bunny hill with the instructors and learnt how to stand up on the board. That took me a lot of tries and I fell a lot but it taught me good patience. Once I finally got up I was able to get 5 feet down the hill and I fell again. I learnt that balance is really important when snowboarding and it takes patience. I was able to find my balance and get down the hill without falling once. I learnt how to get on the chairlift and I couldn’t get off easy because it was confusing. I ended up going on the chairlift once but I went with my family and rented a board and went on the green chairlift and it was really fun.

    1. I’m always excited when one of my students tries something for the first time, and then even more excited when they go outside of school time to try it on their own. The first couple times boarding are always tough, but you’ll get the hang of it and then it will be awesome!

  5. Sarah Wooffinden

    january 15th we went snowboarding and it was my first time snowboarding and i was more than exited. i learnt so much since i had never done it before so learnt how to do down the mountain slowly except i wasn’t very good at that and i fell a lot. i also learnt a lot about myself like that i get really frustrated really easily and when i wasn’t able to do it properly. the only thing i wish went different was being better at going down slower. i wish i brought food for the ride home because i got really hungry but other than that this was one of the best school trips i’ve done yet.

  6. eulalia lambert

    It was so much fun! everyone was so nice and it was so beautiful up there. i haven’t been snowboarding for two years cause i broke my wrist but i got the hang of it pretty quick. if you’re a beginner the bunny hill is really fun but you can easily get to the yellow hill, the chair lifts aren’t very fun to get on and off but you’ll get the hang of it. If you’re scared of falling don’t be because it’s pretty fun for some reason. I get hot easily so i wore a sports bra snowboard pants and jacket

  7. kaylea

    i enjoyed this trip even more than the last one i went on, i felt alot more comfortable this time and because i didnt do the lesson i felt like i had way more time. well other than accidently being late to lunch (oops) i think this trip overall was really well organized, the bus was suprisingly not late this time and i had a really fun day. i think also throughout the day i improved a lot and got way more comfortable going on different runs. i was originally going to try snowboarding this time but changed my mind and im glad i did because i enjoyed myself alot more but maybe in the future trips ill try snow boarding. i had alot of fun on the bus rides as well except for the fact that there were lights above my seat and i wanted to sleep but everything other than that was great.

      1. Nixon Unger

        I enjoyed this trip very much. Skiing with a large group of friends has not been possible this year before this trip because of covid, it was great to get out and have fun with some buddies. This trip was the first time trying out my new skis. They were longer than what I had been accustomed to. It took a couple runs before I felt confident on them. Half way through the day I injured my knee a little bit so, I didn’t go as hard as I wished. But the day was still lots of fun and a great break from normal school work.

  8. Jakob Kwan

    Going snowboarding on the 15th with com rec was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun and got to bond with my peers through an amazing sport. Before we left for the mountain, we did a virtual conference with the mountain staff and went over the alpine code and safety regulations of the mountain. I am already a competent snowboarder, so I didn’t have to take lessons. I was able to expand on my own skills by doing challenging runs on the mountain. I learned I was able to master black diamond runs with relative ease, after a few warm up runs. I would highly recommend taking part in these other upcoming trips to Sasquatch Mountain if you have the opportunity, they are a great way to bond with friends and it’s just great fun all around.

  9. Ewen Devlin

    It was an amazing trip, me and Connor were snowboarding/skiing on the blue and green chair while we were waiting for Alex and Kentaro to finish their snowboarding lesson. It was their first time ever snowboarding so they had trouble at first. After their lesson, they still weren’t able to turn and stop (Level 3). So for most of the day after their lesson, I helped them and taught them. Now currently they are both pretty good and can turn and stop. Alex still catches his edge from time to time though.

  10. Rebecca Dyck

    This was my first ski trip with com rec and it was well spent! I am participating in the junior instructor program and had my first class. The class consisted of a very cool instructor (who used to race) teaching us what we need to know and be able to do to get ready to be an instructor. After our class we skied on some tree runs where I almost ate it a couple times. As the day went on the snow got crispy and I had some decently graceful falls. It wasn’t a powder day but it was still a learning day. I sent a whole bunch of runs that I had not done before. I am excited for the next ski trip and how I will progress in skiing.

  11. Kyle Pagulayan

    During the ski/snowboard trip on the 15th, my goal was to improve on getting more comfortable with my skis and my abilities. I was a little bit shaky at first, as it was my first time skiing this year, but after a couple runs I was back to my normal skiing skill. I worked a lot on my ability to gain more speed without being shaky and putting trust that I could keep my pace and balance. Near the end of the trip I was racing my friends down the greens and blues (safely of course) and my control and speed had clearly improved. All in all I feel like I greatly improved my skiing abilities and also had a really fun time!

  12. Marcus Van Nuys

    the ski trip on the 15th was a lot of fun. It started off a bit rough, having to sit on a zoom call before we could even go up to the mountain, but by the time we got up there the trip got to be really fun. It was my first time snow boarding this year, so I started off by falling a lot, trying to get used to it again, but after a couple of runs I was used to snow boarding again. I got to work on my carving, and by the end of the day I felt like I had really improved. I’m looking forward to a chance to do it again.

    1. Yes the zoom call isn’t the most exciting thing, but it does give you the safety information you require to have a good day on the mountain, and allows us to get on the slopes quicker when we arrive.

  13. Maddie Shanks

    The January 15th Ski trip was very very fun! It was my first ever trip with the school and I would definitely go again and recommend anybody who’s interested. I’ve skied my whole life but just last year I decided to switch to snowboarding. So I decided to do a lesson, which helped me with my basics and improve my riding. Next time if I were to take a lesson I would want it to be more advanced. I really enjoyed having the Ski instructors that I had, they were really funny and helped a lot with my riding. Everybody on the mountain were really nice and cheerful. After the lessons my partner and I did a couple blue and yellow runs which were very fun. I really enjoyed being able to do our own thing, and have that freedom. But at the same time it was still organized and controlled for our safety. I also loved being with my friends and watching them bail! Overall, it was an amazing, fun experience that I would love to do again!!

    1. I’m glad you decided to join the program, and that your first trip with the program was a positive experience. Next time you register for a trip make sure to put your level at 4 or above to get you in a more advanced lesson.

  14. Levi Barager

    Going skiing on January 15 was amazing. The whole day was very fun especially since I got to be with my friends and family for the day, doing the sport I love. Skiing for me is always so exciting and it is one of my favourite things to do. It wasn’t that cold out which was nice and I loved going down the mountain and speeding down. I learned that I can successfully do black mountains as long as I do a couple of warm up runs beforehand. Going to Sasquatch mountain was a great way to end off the semester and I would definitely love to go again.

  15. Ethan

    During our ski and snowboard trip I got the opportunity to participate in the junior instructor program. This program taught us how to teach others to ski. It is much more difficult than expected. We learned how to ski backwards in a more efficient and controlled way. We were still fortunate enough to have time to ski on our own. I learned how to spin on my skis and got to ski at sasquatch for the first time since my early childhood. The snow was not amazing but the terrain was amazing. We got to stay for night skiing and left later in the afternoon at 1700. This was my first time night skiing. The conditions became worse at night and the snow froze over. I did not see the large support for night skiing but it was still a good time on the mountain. This trip was my first school ski trip and I enjoyed it more than I expected. This was the first time that I had been skiing with a large group and it provided a new experience for me. Overall this was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one.

  16. Jazzi

    This was my first time ever snowboarding or even being up on the mountain. It was a lot harder then I had expected but I feel like I got the hang of it pretty fast. I’m super happy that I got to experience this for the first time with all of my friends. I definitely fell more times than I would like to admit and trying to even stand up was way harder than expected. I am very thankful for the lesson and the instructors were so helpful and funny. I liked that after our lesson we were able to do our own thing with our friends. I enjoyed watching all of my friends bail on the mountain.I am very proud of how much I improved through the day and felt pretty comfortable by my last run. I felt that the trip was very organized but I also felt like we had a lot of freedom to do what we wanted. I can’t wait to go on more trips with the program and also try introducing my family to snowboarding.

    1. Could not be happier to have you and your friends as part of the program. You are all not afraid to try something new, and you approach the trips with a sense of responsibility and maturity which makes it very rewarding to be your teacher!

  17. Tyler

    This was an amazing trip, probably the most fun field trip I’ve ever been on. I’ve never hit the mountain with friends before and I think I’m going to start doing that from now on. This was an awesome experience and I look forward to more trips like this in the future. I love skiing and it’s even more fun with friends around. This was easily the best start to a class ever and i look forward to taking advantage of everything this class has to offer.

  18. Isabella Allner

    The January 15th ski trip was very very very fun! it was a lot harder than I expected trying to get back doing the same runs as I did from the previous year. It was way better to go with friends and have people to hang out with other than my family. I 100% fell a lot more than I expected, but at least I didn’t hurt myself. Skiing for me is always an amazing thing to do because it keeps me active during the winter when there’s not really that many sports I am able to do. But overall this trip was amazing and I had a lot of fun going out on the slopes with a bunch of my friends. I definitely at one point this season want to try snowboarding just for the fun of it because it looks kind of fun. even with the people who were killing it for their first times! I will definitely be going on more trips because it was awesome and I had a great experience with the staff and everyone around us. Yeah a really fuunnn trip.

  19. Conner Pow

    January 15th Snowboarding and skiing was really nice. I had a lot of fun with friends of Alex, Ewen, and Kentaro. I also got to do a race with Kyle down Magic Carpet and on the green lift which was fun to do as well. One thing I learned on this trip was I have to be careful and control how fast I go sometimes because during one of my runs I almost hit a little girl skiing, however I was glad I didn’t and was able to control my steering of where I needed to go. I learned about myself that every time I go skiing I should enjoy it more of the fact I am skiing and the sunsets I get to see at night time when I am night skiing, because not everyday you get to watch the sun go down on the mountain while your there. As well I should enjoy every moment of skiing too because at some point we are going to run out of days to go skiing because the winter will be over soon, for no more snow coming. One thing I wish that should of gone differently is that I think I should of tried to get more sleep on that day because I almost pasted out on the bus ride back to Mouat, and I personally don’t like resting because I have things to do better sometimes. I think next time when I go skiing again to prepare for February 26, I will probably get more sleep so I’m not resting on the bus or on the way there again, I will prepare next time for a better sleeping night if I know I am going on a ski trip that’s going to be a big long day. All in all, I had a great time again with friends and going night skiing again.

  20. Kentaro Dennis

    This trip was my first time snowboarding, and it was awesome! I’m a decent skier and have been on the mountain quite a few times, so it was kinda fun going back to basics and experiencing it as a beginner for the first time in a while. Snowboarding wasn’t as similar to longboarding as I expected, but I feel like the balance aspect was still the same, so that helped. Going down on one edge wasn’t that hard for me, but turning/changing edges caused a lot of falls… I didn’t really get to “true” snowboarding and mostly ended up working on changing edges, which kinda sucks because I probably could have pushed myself a little harder. (Also, thanks to Ewen for helping me and dealing with all my beginner mistakes lol…) Overall, it was super fun and I’m planning to do some more lessons on the next two trips.

  21. madeline

    This trip was one of the smoothest skiing trips I’ve been on. There was no hiccups with the bus or anything. The skiing was pretty good for the morning half of things. There was no new powder like last trip so by the end of the day it was pure ice. Overall had a good time, my friends got to learn how to snowboard so hopefully there will be future skiing trips with them.

  22. Jada

    What a blast this was my first time going snowboarding and I loved it. At first it was hard to get how to stop and turn but I slowly got the hang of it. Getting off the lift was.. A challenge and always remember to put the bar down I guess. I went down the yellow hill and at the bottom of the hill I was like oh this is going to be a breeze haha but no when I got to the top it no longer looked that easier I had good friends to help me get down the hill.I learned a lot that date and my will power and that you can do anything you put your mind to it.Such a fun time to learn new things and make memories with my friends. In all it was such a fun time and would do it again.

    1. One of the highlights of teaching this course is providing opportunities for people to try something for the first time. It was great seeing you have so much fun on the hill…a little nerve wracking when you didn’t turn as much as I’d like…but great to share the experience with you!

  23. Athena Maarsman

    This was my first snowboarding, I really enjoyed it. I 10/10 would do it again. There was some nice face plants that’s you saw and laughed at me but I got a hang of it at the end and started going fast down the hills

  24. Jack Barager

    The ski trip on January 15th was fun. My favourite part was of course skiing with friends, which I haven’t done much of. We skid all over the moment, and went to the cafeteria a couple times. We would’ve gone to the restaurant but the lineup was long. I think I learned a good lesson during this trip, not to go straight down the hill. Unfortunately for me, the most memorable part was going straight down, hitting a patch of ice, spinning around, and then falling backwards and spraining my wrist. Even though I got hurt, I still went out after and had a good day.

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