Canoe/Kayak-Whonnock Lake April 8, 2021

The first water trip of the year saw students head out to Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge. Students were split into two groups with one group trying out single person kayaks, and the other group learning paddling techniques in 2 person canoes. After a short break for lunch the groups switched activities and got to experience the other discipline. Highlights from the trip included paddling near an active beaver dam, paddling through marshy trails, racing other students on the paddling course, avoiding pirates on the water, and Marcus getting a little closer to the water than he wanted to. All in all the students got a chance to disconnect from daily life for a day, learn some paddling techniques and basic water safety, and experience a beautiful natural setting, even though Jakob’s pirate music was very annoying. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


43 thoughts on “Canoe/Kayak-Whonnock Lake April 8, 2021

  1. Finn

    The group went out to Whonnock Lake where we split into two separate groups. While one of the groups went kayaking, the other group went canoeing. I was in the group that went kayaking first. I had lots of fun but I got very wet. We went to a beaver dam and had a race back to the place. Then we took a short lunch break where I ate lunch. After that our group went out in the canoes where we had a very confusing game of tag before returning to the place. Then I had a swim and a marshmallow. Then we left. I give the trip a ★★★★☆.

  2. Abigail Faber

    On this trip, I think I learned that racing a canoe is a lot more difficult than racing a kayak. I also learned more ways to steer a canoe, and how difficult it is to race backwards on a kayak. What I learned about myself is that I definitely enjoy kayaking more, as I prefer to do things alone. I wish it had been warmer, and that we had gone on a less cloudy day. I think next time, I’d bring a pair of waterproof pants so my legs don’t freeze off!!

  3. Lina

    At the start we got splitted in two groups. My group started with canoeing for the first hour. We got paired up and went on the lake, it was a bit chilly but when we started paddling it got better. We played a bunch of games and had lunch as soon as we got out of the water. Because of the clouds and it only being around 8 degrees, all of us were super cold! Fortunately, we did the kayakig second so we did not get as wet in the morning. During the kayaking hour, the sun came out and it got warmer. Although, my legs got wet I definitely preferred kayaking. To end the day we all came together to roast marshmallows and eat smores, standing next to the fireplace we kinda dried and warmed up. The day was mixed but it was cool to be on a lake again and spend some time kayaking 🙂

  4. sahij waraich

    At first I was super nervous since it was my first time going canoeing or kayaking. I am kind of scared of the water too. But honestly it wasn’t bad at all. I was over thinking it and I also had a life jacket. Being with my friends made the trip so much better, as we all had so much fun together. Although it hurt my shoulders very bad to paddle ahahha. There are some things I would change though. I was so under prepared which made the trip a little less fun. I didn’t bring an extra pair of shoes, which was a big mistake as my group went kayaking first, so our feet got soaked. But in the canoe we were pretty much dry. So I did like the canoe better for that reason. Also I wore cotton clothing which was a big no. The weather was okay, it would be so much better if it was sunny. Although that being said, if i was prepared a little bit more, and the weather was better, I would have rated this 10/10. Because again you get to go with your friends and just have a great time, away from reality. I would definitely go again!

  5. clea

    The trip to Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge was a lot of fun! I had previously been kayaking and canoeing, but I had never been taught properly how to do either. When we first arrived it wasn’t too cold, but as soon as we got on the lake that changed. In the future, I would definitely bring gloves, along with warmer socks and shoes. Although the morning was extremely cold, the afternoon saw the sun come out, which, along with the propane fire, heated us all back up. While canoeing and kayaking were exciting, eating the marshmallows Mr. Rahe brought was the best part.

  6. Brooklyn

    This trip was much different than my past experiences with canoeing and kayaking. The canoes sat two people instead of three and the kayaks were built very different, I sat closer to the water which was a nice change. One of my favourite parts was kayaking through the grassy water to find a stick. I was unsuccesful in finding a stick, but I did manage to escape the grassy water so that counts as some accomplishment. The wheather was great other than a few clouds and the water was so peaceful. Afterwards we roasted marshmallows which really helped me to defrost. I especially enjoyed this trip and fully recommend to anyone interested.

  7. Jordan harmes

    Beautiful lake I will say, I did enjoy kayaking/canoeing, also the beaver dam was a nice sight to see, although the water was very cold that is to be expect considering the season

  8. Karnveer Aulakh

    My first thoughts of going to this trip was it was going to pretty boring but I was completely wrong! The bus ride was pretty quick and it was fun, when we arrived there it automatically changed my thoughts of the trip being boring. We all got split into different groups the group I was in went kayaking first. When one of the instructor told me to get in the kayak I 100% thought I was going to fall in the water but I was just being over dramatic. I sort of knew how to kayak already but it had been a long time to adjust to it but after the instructor told us what to do I was back on track and It was very easy. Also when you paddle its a major arm workout which was good because I didn’t have to go to the gym! Also kayaking was very relaxing and calming also was a good way to escape everything going on and learned many lessons. Also I wish I wore a bigger jacket because it was freezing! When we were on the canoes it was very fun because we played tag and was very frustrating because me and vinay kept missing the other persons canoes. After that we just chilled and had smores,at the end of the day it was a great expierence and happy I went on this trip. Thanks rahe!

  9. This trip was really fun, it was my first time kayaking and my 2nd time canoeing. I learned how to paddle. I really enjoyed playing tag while canoeing. Next time I would bring some gloves so my hands don’t freeze. I saw a beaver dam so that was really cool. Also the kayaking races were very fun. The water was very nice. I would go again if I could. The smores were very good after while
    we waited for the bus. I would also bring more snacks because I was pretty hungry after we were done, me and my friends had a great time I would go again the future.

  10. Rhiannon

    Thursday’s trip involved a relatively long but well worth it trip to Maple Ridge to visit Whonnock lake. The small marshy lake was the perfect spot for a day trip of canoeing and kayaking with a group. With two beaver dams, marshy kayaking trails and buoys to keep races fair, we always had another activity lined up during our 3 cumulative hours spent on the water. Guides provided insight on the nature around us and directed us on how to leave the surrounding area as unbothered as possible. Whonnock lake also has a swim friendly sandy beach next to a gazebo area, creating a beautiful spot to enjoy the scenery and your lunch! I would have preferred visiting during the summer as the majority of the day was cloudy, windy and cold. If i went again during early spring I would bring a windbreaker and warmer, waterproof clothes. I learned that beavers do not always build their dams in spots where there is a current as the two dams on the lake were surrounded by still water. I also learned that I don’t enjoy kayaking outside of summer.

  11. Though it was quite chilly, I had a great time canoeing and kayaking! The last time I had been out on the water in a canoe or kayak was years ago, so I am really glad I could attend this trip. I did have to re-familiarize myself with the paddling techniques and how to correct the boat, mainly when I was canoeing. I learned that I am great at working with others because I can still have a great time while working efficiently to the common goal, in this case that would be steering the canoe in the direction we wanted to go. I wish that I had brought gloves because once we got on the water my hands were so cold that I could barely hold the paddle. Overall, I really enjoyed canoeing and kayaking with my friends.

    1. I agree that proper clothing for the trip was essential, especially considering the weather conditions. You definitely are a great team player and have exhibited that both in and out of the classroom!

  12. Sarah Wooffinden

    april 8th we went on a cannoeing and kayaking trip. i thought that we were going to use ocean kayaks but they were different than i expected so i got really wet and didnt bring another change of clothes so i was drenched and cold. after we were done paddling we went for a fire and i went swimming in the lake and my feet have never been so cold overall it was a good trip even though i want prepared and i was wet the whole time.

    1. Proper gear for outdoor activity is definitely the most important pre-requisite for any trip. You have my respect for braving the cold water after the canoeing and kayaking was over!

  13. Jakob Kwan

    The kayak and canoe trip to Whonnock lake was an amazing trip. We started off the day by splitting into two groups. My group started in the kayaks and did the canoes in the afternoon. Caelan and I brought pirate stuff and a speaked, so we played The Pirates Of The Caribbean movie soundtrack all day. That day the paddling club taught us the different strokes and how to maneuver the boats while in the water, I already had experience doing both so it was more of a recap for me. I think my highlight of the day was when me and a few friends decided to go swimming in the ice cold lake after the paddling part was over.

  14. Marcus Van Nuys

    The kayak and canoeing trip at whonnock lake was a great experience, despite the cold weather. I haven’t had a chance to go kayaking in a few years, and I really enjoyed it. I got to race my friends, play games in the boats, and roast marshmallows. I even got a chance to feel the freezing cold water, in all my clothes, when I fell in trying to get out of my kayak. I really hope to have a chance to go on more trips like this one in the future, just maybe when it ‘s a bit warmer outside.

  15. Keira Thompson

    This trip was super fun! Like most of these trips I was very cold but I knew I always would be even with layers. We started off in the canoes and I was in the front with Clea behind me. I hadn’t been in a canoe for so long so it was fun to re-learn how to do it. We saw beaver dams and also some fish which were cool. We had lunch after the canoes and it was pretty cold but lunch was really fun. Than we went kayaking and we got SOAKED because we were so close to the water and we kept getting splashed. We did a few races but than I had to leave early so I kayaked alone across the lake and hopped out still very wet. All in all it was super fun but next time I would bring an extra layer and also water proof shoes and pants.

  16. Norah

    The canoeing and Kayaking trip was very fun, the canoeing portion was interesting as I have never been in a two persion canoe before, so I had to learn to steer the canoe as I was in the back and try and keep the canoe going straight which we had issues with sometimes as we would over correct where the canoe was going. During the second half of the day we kayaked, I have kayaked before so it was easier than the canoe but it was interesting to kayak on a lake that I have never kayaked on before, It was also very fun to see and active beaver dam and explore the marshy trails on the kayaks, although the kayaks had holes in the bottom so we all got a little wet, which wasn’t pleasant as it was very cold on that day, although it never rained so I’m happy about that. At the end of the day while waiting for the bus we had smores, which helped me warm up before the bus got there. If I were to do anything differently I would’ve brought more warm clothes for the end to warm up more. All in all this trip was a very fun expierience and id definetly go again!

    1. Whonnock Lake provides a beautiful natural setting to ‘escape’ to even though you’re still close to civilization. I’m glad you got the chance to learn how to steer a canoe and improve your paddling skills!

  17. Natalie

    The canoe/kayak trip to Whannock lake was a very fun, if cold, experience. Though I couldn’t participate in the kayaking part, I got to enjoy double the canoeing, due to my VIP package. I did learn a thing or two about canoeing that I did not know before; mainly that steering is considerably harder than it looks! As for what I learned about myself, I learned that pre-canoe paddling instruction, my technique wasn’t very good. If I were to change anything I did during this trip (other than packing an extra blanket or two), I think I would have eaten more marshmallows, because we didn’t manage to finish the whole bag, and I definitely could have eaten at least two more.

  18. Shae thomas

    We all went out to Whonnock lake for kayaking and canoeing, it was windy and cold when we got there and there was some rain. The weather didn’t kill the mood though and we still managed to have a lot of fun. The kayaking was really interesting because I’ve never used that type of kayak before and I think it was a good learning experience. We saw a beaver dam towards the end of the lake and went through smaller grass trails on the water. I learn how to control my kayak better and go faster. I had never gone canoeing before that day so that was a completely new experience for me. I learnt how a canoe work and how the person in the back does the steering. I learned new ways to paddle a canoe and how to better control your canoe. I think this trip was a very good experience.

  19. K Mac

    Getting a break should be treated as a precious thing that should not be disrespected in any way. In the last 2 weeks from that trip that idea was imposed quite deeply. I had a number of things that I was going though which lead to this blog being sufficiently delayed. I usually give myself some time to allow the lessons that I learned during the trip to foment so that I can properly set up my blog In such ways as to set real depth to them. While that day i had to wake up sufficiently early just so that i could have any hope to pull off all of the things that i had planned for that day. I typically wake up at 8:20 in the morning. That day I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. From there I did preparation for the day. Then I did 5 paper routes before the trip itself so it is safe to say that by the time that I got on the lake it felt so nice and relaxing at the time looking back it should have been treated as a luxury. I am not referring to how the things there should have been as a luxury even though they were in and of themselves great but how as long as I followed a basic set of roles there was nothing much to do except have a good time on the lake. After the time on the lake I then fooled around with a few students on the park sorta like little kids. From there I then had s’mores by the fire. The opposite of what i have had to do since then which was a continually busy schedule in which i had to constantly work and had to push myself 24/7 with the closet things that i had to brakes were the time dedicated to allowing myself to sleep so that i would not crumble under all of that pressure that i was going though. Sometimes we really do not appreciate the simple things until they are taken away from us whether by a change in schedule for a period of time or even tougher things that people go through among which the pandemic is a relatable thing that we have all gone though. In regards to the pandemic there were many things that changed for example i use to go down to the united states for dinner and In the summers i would go to a number of massive events and throughout the years i would have still done events that would be considered unthinkable to do in a pandemic which is what we find ourselves in today. So ultimately this example might be a bet centered around time that you might not have to do much as I went on to say there are more things then time that we need to be aware of and to appreciate. In regards to the pandemic once it is over and we are allowed to form a new normal i bet i will not be the only one to be heading into large groups of people and that is only one other example. So really take a moment and really consider why “Getting a break should be treated as a precious thing”.

    1. Love this response Karol. I think you really get at the core of what outdoor education and the program are all about and I’m glad that you are seeing those benefits in your life. I will tell you from experience that as you get older you seem to lose more and more time, making appreciation of these precious moments so important!

  20. Caelan

    This trip was amazing. We started the day off with some lovely kayaking. I had a great time adventuring and racing across the lake(I came second in our race back to the docks, I would have gotten first but I got caught in a boat jam at the start of the race). Jakob and I brought pirate hats, a pirate flag and a speaker so we blared the Pirates of the Caribbean and sea shanties the whole time. (We played one song on repeat for a solid hour and now I hear that song in my nightmares) After kayaking we quickly slammed some lunch down and then headed out to the canoes. We played tag which was super fun and we found this super cool dock and mini house while venturing into the unknown. By the end of our boating expeditions I was absolutely drenched and I forgot to bring a change of clothes. So I did the most sensible thing I could think of and went for a quick dip in the lake with some of my friends. Hot dog was it cold. Thankfully Jakob had an extra pair of pants I could borrow. Shoutout to Mr. Rahe for bringing those smores they were wonderful. Had such a memorable time on this beautiful lake.

  21. Kyle Pagulayan

    I really loved the scenery and atmosphere that Whonnock Lake had to offer. I found out that I actually quite enjoy kayaking and I liked canoeing a lot more than I remember liking as a kid! My favorite place was this weird little “river” section I found with this ring of dead trees surrounding a little opening! It was nice to get out and explore, even if it was freezing cold! I was also able to keep my mouth shut for about 5 minutes while paddling near the beaver dam so I’m pretty proud of that personal improvement!

  22. Amandeep Lillian

    On our trip to Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge, I got a wonderful opportunity to learn how to kayak and canoe. I definitely had a lot of fun with my friends and got the chance to know my other classmates better. It was very cold and I got very wet; a few things I wish I had done differently are worn appropriate footwear, worn more layers of clothing and a waterproof jacket, brought a pair of extra socks and I should have brought more food. I was definitely the most underprepared person there #SlightFlex. I shouldn’t have worn slides, my toes froze and i looked stupid. All though I was not prepared I had a really good time and I learned something new.

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