Hiking, Caving, and River Rafting-Chilliwack River Rafting May 18, 2022

The resurgence of major extreme outdoor education trips lost to Covid continued with this overnight hiking, caving, and rafting trip. The trip started with participants hiking the popular Lindemann Lake trail. Everyone made it to the top and were greeted by strong winds blowing over the exposed ridge which resulted in the group heading back down in an expedient manner. Participants then returned to the resort where they cooked their dinners on camping burners, played group games together around the campfire, and camped in tents for the night. While the weather report suggested poor conditions these never materialized and the night was spent in relative calm. On day 2 students, after eating breakfast and breaking camp, travelled to Chipmunk Caves where they challenged themselves mentally and physically in the tight passages. Many brave adventurers chose to tackle the imposing cave 3 and came out with a sense of accomplishment and smiles on their faces.  After lunch at the resort students geared up and headed out in 8 person rafts for a rafting excursion. The water level was ideal and the new features exposed by the Fall flooding made for an epic trip with big hits and many smiling faces. Highlights included the trek to the waterfall, and the numerous big features that the rafts navigated through the river. As someone who has now participated on numerous rafting trips with the program I think that the best rafting trip yet! Shoutout to the awesome guides of Chilliwack River Rafting for using their expertise to keep this group safe. What a great group of adventurers to share this experience with-I won’t forget this trip any time soon! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


2 thoughts on “Hiking, Caving, and River Rafting-Chilliwack River Rafting May 18, 2022

  1. Alex Kemp

    I’ve never really been camping before this trip because my family isn’t a camping type of family so I don’t have many of the supplies. Even though I have minimal experience camping this trip was super fun. At the start of the trip, we dropped off our bags at Chilliwack River Rafting and proceeded to hike up to Lindeman Lake, It was a bit rainy and extremely windy at the top so the views weren’t perfect. I really enjoyed the hike and even though it was around an hour it only felt like 20 minutes. I took lots of pictures on the way up and down. After completing the hike we went back to camp to set up tents and eat lunch. We hung around playing mafia and werewolf and then went to bed, It was freezing at night. I forgot to bring a pillow so I ended up using my backpack as a pillow. In the mourning, we went caving, and during the downtime, me and a couple of other people built a small damn out of rocks at the end of a small stream. Later in the afternoon, we went river rafting. This was the best part of the trip, river rafting is super fun and my group were all strong paddlers so we were able to do some harder routes. At the end of the trip, I almost forgot my shoes but thankfully Mr. Rahe grabbed them. Overall this trip was super fun, camping is a pretty fun experience ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶l̶y̶.

  2. Kayden Ste.Croix

    This trip was the best one I’ve ever been on in the time I’ve been in outdoor education. The hike up to the lake was pretty easy and at the top was a beautiful view even though it was really windy and had started to rain so we had to go back earlier. The caving we did the next day was also pretty cool and even though I wouldn’t do it again I’m glad I did. The camping was also a lot of fun because the weather was good and we pretty much just played games and hung around. The best part though was obviously the river rafting, it was a little intense at times but that’s what made it so fun and the short hike up to the waterfall was also really cool to see and I would definitely like to go on this trip again 10/10.

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