Ski/Snowboard #3-Manning Park February 8, 2023

You know that feeling you get the day before a big ski/snowboard trip where you’re driving through the rain and just thinking about how much fresh powder the mountain will have tomorrow? Then, you realize that you have just had eye surgery and won’t be accompanying the group on that velvety awesomeness…:( While I was personally disappointed in missing out on an awesome day on the mountain, I was super pumped for all of you to experience some epic conditions! A huge shout out to Mr. Loewen and Ms. Zemp who filled in for me in awesome fashion. Also, another big welcome to Hansen who once again joined our program for an awesome day on the hill. I am definitely resting up and hoping to be able to be healed and ready for the next trip! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) please leave a 100 word blog response below.


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