Paddleboarding-Cultus Lake June 14, 2022

When one thinks of paddleboarding they envision calm waters and sunny skies. With this trip taking place in the evening hours participants were treated to calm waters, but unfortunately this crazy June weather we have had once again did not cooperate by providing any sunshine. However, while even Mr. Rahe was worried at the outset of this trip about temperatures those concerns proved to be unfounded as participants were quite comfortable throughout the trip (even those who may have fallen in to water accidentally/on purpose/while being pushed). The trip participants definitely got the vibe of paddleboarding as they cruised the waters of Cultus Lake and found that even though it is not physically demanding, it can nevertheless be a great boost for your mental wellness as it provides an opportunity to connect with nature free from distractions. I enjoyed sharing the lake with each one of you! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


9 thoughts on “Paddleboarding-Cultus Lake June 14, 2022

  1. Nic

    Paddle boarding was sick! I had a great time, made lots of friends while there, and even though the weather was not sunshine and sunburns, the water was still a good temperature, perfect for making friends fall in. It wasn’t exactly relaxing, more as a slightly chaotic fun, where everyone was really nice to each other, and you could just talk to whoever and they’d be happy to talk with you.

  2. Seajay Kendall

    Paddle boarding is pretty difficult to master, especially when you are just learning to balance on the board. This helped me become more mindful of every action I took while using a paddle board. I personally  feel like I will be able to create a lot of wonderful memories but also improve my creative and compassionate skills. While paddle boarding I felt stress-free and calm from the moment I got on the paddle board.  Paddle boarding is so much more than just doing the activity. only is it entertaining, but it was also a whole new experience.

  3. kentaro dennis

    Despite the bad weather, this was still an enjoyable trip! Thankfully, it wasn’t windy and the water wasn’t too cold, so it wasn’t that bad. I think I was pretty ok for my first time paddleboarding, and it was easier than I thought it would be. It was a pretty chill experience, as the water was calm and the lake was pretty much empty. Of course, the best part of the trip was pushing Mr. Rahe into the water!

  4. Evan Wiebe

    This was a great experience. The instructors were really nice, and they were easy to talk to and be around. I appreciate them for coming out for something that must have been off-hours, and handling it with style. The water was calm, and the air wasn’t too cold. This was a good opportunity.

  5. Jenna Grewal

    I learned the basic steps of paddleboarding and the different parts of a paddleboard. I also learned where I should be standing on a paddleboard, and how to properly hold the paddle in the water. One thing I learned about myself was how much fun I had by getting out in nature and spending time in the water. The 5 hours we spent went by very fast. I have never tried paddle boarding before, however, I would definitely do it again and I would recommend it to anyone that would like to try something new. I wish that it was sunnier that day since it got very cold at times. Other than that, the trip was great. I am very happy that I wore a long sleeve swim shirt since the water can get very cold. I would definitely recommend wearing this instead of a bathing suit, especially on colder days.

  6. Liam wiebe

    I enjoyed the paddleboarding trip despite the poor weather. We left the school 40 minutes behind schedule, and arrived to cultus lake. We were given a crash course on how to use a paddle board by Denae, Liam, and Jake. They taught us the A frame, nose to toes, and propper paddle positioning. We learned about rhe different types of paddleboards, like the thruster and single fin. When we cast off, the water was surprisingly warm. When we arrived at the old army training site, Mr. Rahe demolished the group in handless fruit roll up eating. After walking across the death to feet beach, We paddled all the way to the to the other main beach. Liam taught us how to do a speed turn, and we waited for the other group to arrive. We saw some people catch a small fish while we waited. When everybody arrived, we paddled back towards the board shop and saw a lot of quaint little cabins and beach houses on our way back. After we returned, we got changed and powerhouse climbed to the top of the playground. Mr. Rahe made us take a picture with the group, and then we returned to the bus. When we came back, it was 9pm.
    When we were meant to arrive back at 8.

  7. Jael

    Paddle boarding at Cultus Lake was such a fun trip that I was able to go on, especially with friends. I’ve already gone paddle boarding in the past, however that doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything on this trip. I learned how paddle the most efficient way, by putting the paddle in the water from the nose of the boat and bringing it back to your toes. I also learned how to turn the paddle board around without stopping, by putting the paddle in the water in a ‘C’ shape from the nose of the board all the way to the tail. Even though the weather wasn’t the warmest, I think it was still a really fun trip. I also think that the cooler weather was beneficial in some ways because I didn’t get that dehydrated because I wasn’t sweating from the heat. Next time I would bring water shoes, so that my feet don’t hurt from walking on the ricks near the waterline and in the shallow water.

  8. Gurnaj

    This was my first time paddleboarding and it was way beyond my expectations. I expected a beach filled with tourists and people in the water, but upon arriving the environement was very calm with a few locals boating peaceful. After finishing our on-land training, we were advised to get in the water, i was not excited, a bit nervous to enter the waters and get started because i was scared of falling in. This is an endurance sport and the first few minutes took a lot out of me. Thankfully it wasnt raining, and the waters were calm. The instructors were patient and really nice, they encouraged us to finish strong and have a positive mindset throughout. One thing i adored were the views, the mountains and the waters, with the fresh air was very calming and in total a relaxing experience. While getting to the end of the trip, the adrenaline kicked in for me and i made it back to shore quicker than i left. Even though the weather was cold, it was so much fun overall and i didnt feel cold anymore after getting into, it was actually getting hot. I plan to come back in the summer and paddleboard often because it is a great way to get away from your everyday life.

  9. Alex K

    On the bus ride to cultus lake, I was skeptical because the weather didn’t look the best. Once we got our boards and life jackets sorted out we headed out onto the lake the weather wasn’t even that bad. I found out that Cultus lake isn’t nearly as cold as you think it would be. We headed out into the lake, there was a nice view of the mountains. We made a stop and had a fruit-by-the-foot race. I’ve never done one of these races but I got within the top 5. Mr. Rahe absolutely devoured the poor roll-up and won the race. On our way back there was a mix-up with the paddle boards so I ended up taking Mr. Rahe’s board. On the wake back me and Kentaro were preparing a strike on Mr. Rahe but we decided against the cold assassination because he was talking with one of the instructors. Later on, me and Kentaro wrestled Mr. Rahe off his board and into the water. This was a successful assassination of Mr.Rahe as he got dunked into the water. Unfortunately, I also went down, it was worth it though. On the way back one of the instructors taught me a special turn on the paddle board used to conserve momentum.

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