Paintball-Millionaire Paintball Nov 3, 2022

For the first time since Mr. Rahe took over the program a trip took place that he did not attend. While still mired in the fallout from his detached retina, and spending his days watching hours of tv while lying on the couch, Mr. Rahe looked to Mr. Loewen to retake the program reins and keep the program afloat. Loewen answered the call in stunning fashion and went above and beyond the call of duty to get students out on this paintball trip. The result was over 40 students finding their inner Picasso and learning that everyone can be a great artist given the right motivation. Always an enjoyable day on the field at Millionaire and tons of memories for the students! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) please leave a 100 word blog response below.


35 thoughts on “Paintball-Millionaire Paintball Nov 3, 2022

  1. Manjot Gill

    It was my first time going paintballing and it was so much fun. I got to go with my friends and even missed a class, which I think was a pretty good deal because it only costed me about $30. I learned how to use a paintball gun for the first time and how to play different games with it. We played capture the flag and I made my team win with help from a random kid. He grabbed the flag and tripped and then gave it to me, which I ran all the way back to our end of the side. I have now learned that I’m good with a gun and wished I used up all of my paintballs. For next time, I just need to bring a change of clothes and I’ll be good to go.

  2. Breanna T.

    Even though the weather was very cold and not that great, I still had a good time while playing paintball. The instructor was very good at teaching and I learnt how to use a gun. It was really fun running around the playing field and shooting people. I enjoyed the experience being outdoors and playing team games. The only things I wish I could change were the weather and that I brought a change of clothes for when we got back to school. All in all, I had a great time and would recommend this trip to anyone who likes to have fun.

  3. To start off, going on this trip was one of the most fun things I’ve done! I went out of my comfort zone this time, and so I’ve learned a few things about paintballing that I’ve known before: the balls hurt as bad as I thought it would (they feel like hard pinches), and that the paint is totally water soluble, so no mess! I found the entire trip to be really enjoyable with nothing I would change about it really. Though, if there was one thing I would do to prepare myself for paintballing next time I would’ve worn thicker clothing to dampen the hits and buy more balls so I don’t shoot air all of a sudden in a firefight with another person.

  4. Pitika Gaba

    Paintballing was pretty fun. My favourite part was when I hit people, which happened like seven times!!! I learned that it hurts alot when you get hit and its no joke fooling around. Something I learned about myself is that I like attacking, defence is not my thing. Pushing ahead and going past my comfort zone is more like my thing, I enjoy excitement and not the predictable safe zone. One thing I wish I had done differently is making sure there weren’t any possible ways to get hit from behind the back since the only three times I got hit was from behind the back. Next time I would definitely wear an extra layer of clothing so it doesn’t hurt as much and that’s about it.

  5. Autumn Veer

    Paintballing is something that I have always wanted to try out. My family had all done it and said that it was very fun. I was so excited for this trip and kept on watching the clock on the day that it was happening. Finally we got there and started playing all the different games. It was very fun but I learnt that I would never give most of those people a real gun. People always talk about how much it hurts, you can definitely feel it and it did leave a mark but it doesn’t hurt a lot with the pressure we had.

  6. Akeelah Campbell

    When I when paint balling I was not expecting much since it was something that I had done before, but my assumption was wrong in many ways. Being on a team with classmates that you don’t know was a nice way to bond and make friends. It help my classmates and I to disconnect from our phone and connect to the real world. The only thing I wish was different was the amount of time we had to play.

  7. Jai Chadwick

    This was my first ever time going paintball, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but this was definitely a fun experience that I’d totally do again. The paint balls don’t hurt as much as I worried they would, but they’ve got a good sting. It’s so much fun sliding around and shooting people, totally go paintballing if you get the chance.

  8. Joseph K

    This paintball trip was very fun and enjoyable. I can’t say that it was good or bad since it was my first time going paintballing but it was a really good first experience and will definitely go again in the future. At first I was pretty nervous since everyone said the paintballs hurt and whatnot but I quickly learned that it wasn’t too bad. My friends and I were luckily on the same team but I wished that we were more aggressive so I would have shot more people but at least I got one person. Next time I hope I bring a bit more money so I can get the long nozzle for the gun for more accuracy and maybe some gloves. I guess if anything, I learned that I like to play carefully and not go berserk. Overall experience was a 10/10 and I’m excited for the next trip I’ll go to.

  9. Mikaylia Williams

    I went paintballing for the first time with over 40, and I enjoyed my time shooting at kids with paint. May I just say the matches were fun, felt like real life Call of Duty. Millionaire Paintball ensured our safety the entire time and made sure we were all enjoying ourselves, which I’m sure we did. This experience taught me that i could not survive if I was getting shot at. Paintballs hurt especially if you were shot up close, talking from experience. I had a lot of fun thanks to Mr. Lowen and Mr. Rahe. Thank you!

  10. Landon O'Neill

    This was an awesome, action packed trip! To prepare for it, I covered myself from head to toe in clothing. I’ve gone paintballing before, and I know the pain that comes with it. Once we got there, I got my paintball gun and 100 bullets. Those bullets were all I got, so in the following 4 games I had to spend them wisely. Throughout the games, I was conservative with my bullets. I’ve never been someone who’d fire absurdly often, but without the 00 bullet limit I may have played differently. While I was playing, I thought it was super cool that all 50 of us played at once. I’m used to only 20 people, so with 50 it felt like a true war zone. There was constant gunfire in the air, and it created a sense of adrenaline. During the four games, I managed to hit five other people! Sadly, I was hit twice. Once in the trigger finger (I’m glad I brought gloves!), and the other in the thigh. The thigh shot was taken from only about 5 meters away, so it hurt a lot! In fact, I still have the welt it gave me as I write this. Overall, it was tons of fun and I’m glad I pushed myself to go into the adrenaline filled warzone.

  11. Mankirat

    The paintballing trip was really fun. I had never gone paintballing before so it was a whole new experience. At first i didnt know what to expect but as I tried it a few times it became easier. I had so much fun there because alot of my friends went and I got to experience something that I might do again. Paintballing was a bit difficult at first because my aim wasnt good but after a bit I got the hang of it and enjoyed the whole trip. This trip is really fun and enjoyable for anyone who wants to try it for the first time or has done it before.

  12. Xauni

    Paint-balling has always been on my bucket list and I’m so glad I finally got to try it out! Not only did I have lots of fun with my friends but I also learned a lot. At first I hid out in the back since I was scared of the pain. But once I realized it wasn’t that bad I played fearlessly and really enjoyed it! It was necessary that I was aware of my surroundings at all times because I never knew if someone was hiding nearby. I learned to move around quietly and eventually was able to surprise a few people. I really enjoyed working with my teammates to achieve the common goal of destroying the other team.
    Thanks for the opportunity, this outdoor ed trip really opened my eyes (:

  13. Ella

    During the trip to millionaire paintball, I learned that people get mad when I climb into cars, I learned that paintballs and equipment are very stinky, and also learned how to paintball. Things I learned about myself are that I have a very good aim when it comes to throwing paint in people’s eyes (sorry mason), and that my head hurts when it gets shot at by paintballs. I wish we had more time and played more games. Next time, I would wear something other than leggings and a sweatshirt because it would make the paintballs hitting me hurt less.

  14. Vanya Gelimson

    This trip was my first time ever going paintballing and it was amazing! The strategy required to play the game is something that I overlooked but will consider studying and applying in the future. I think that paintballing was a great experience that everyone should try at least once. The games not only teach you strategy and how to shoot but also teamwork. I remember a play where I got shot super close up because of my teammate’s failure to communicate that we were being flanked and it was hilarious! I would say overall this was an amazing trip that I would go on again.

    Thank you Mr. Rahe for organizing such an event!

  15. Laken Trolland

    The paintball trip was really fun. I got to go with my friends, and managed to end up on the same team as most of them. Surprisingly, I didn’t once get hit with any paintballs, but I did however shoot a few. It was pretty cold there and even though I wore a lot of layers, I wish I wore more. Even though I didn’t get hit once, I still managed to get pretty covered in paint. I got to laugh a bit as my friend Ella got kicked out of a prop car there, even after I told her not to go in the car. Overall, it was quite a fun trip and I would recommend it to others.

  16. Zander

    This was my first extreme outdoor trip, and it was a blast. I have only played paintball once before this so it was a fun experience. I was a bit scared going into it because I wasn’t sure if the paintballs would hurt a lot. I tried going to the front lines but it didn’t work well because everyone was hiding at the back. I ended up getting hit 3 times which didn’t hurt as much as I thought. Next time I just wish I would have brought gloves, and a warmer pair of clothes. It was a very cold day!

  17. Arabella

    I was looking forward to this trip because I’d never done anything like it! I was excited because I like the shooting games at carnivals and arcades. I was so glad I had a friend there but we went our separate ways once it started, but I didn’t mind. I found other people and tried to help them shoot at people. Here’s where I found out that I wasn’t the best, probably because I’m being shot at too, not just shooting. I think I definitely could’ve used more paintballs at people instead of trying to save them. I also think I could’ve taken more risks, to be honest I hid most of the time. I think I was pretty well prepared for this trip. I brought leather gloves and a big winter jacket and jeans. But when I got home I didn’t clean them right away, so I think I could work on the after part of it.

  18. Guneet

    Paint balling had to be one of the best trips I have ever been on. It was so much fun learning how to use a paint ball gun and shooting people, we played lots of games and even though the weather wasn’t all that great I still had fun with my friends only thing is I wish I had an extra pair of clothes for after and to my surprise I thought the paint balls would hurt a lot more that people anticipated them to be.

    1. Yes the pain is tolerable but definitely noticeable. I find it lends some real perspective into the danger that people face in battles with real guns and provides a new found respect for those who go to war for us.

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